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Will I be required to use cartridges with the Cricut?


There is some confusion about Cricut and cartridges, especially to those new to Cricut. There was a time that the Cricut only worked using cartridges. Reviewers found it limiting and often commented it was controlling. This is no longer true. Circut now works with svg files. An svg can be made using computer design software like Adobe Illustrator. Design Space, Cricut’s online proprietary software, can accept a variety of different image formats. The Design Space software has opened up the once controlling creative limits.


I had one of the cartridge-only machines. I just gifted it and all the cartridges I had to a friend. Circut does sell cartridges. If you have an older machine that works with cartridges, you can still buy them and keep crafting.


If you have a newer machine (Explore and up) you can still use your cartridges. You link them to your account and they are available for use through Design Space. But you no longer need cartridges.


If you own a newer machine, I wouldn’t buy cartridges anymore. I would move to digital images. You can now buy one image at a time or buy a monthly subscription to Cricut Access. You can also use images from other providers and upload them to your software.


List of machines:


In the end, whichever machine you own, you can still be very creative with a Cricut. Circuit machines are used by paper crafters, card makers, and scrapbookers. The newest machine, Cricut Maker, has been completely retooled and works with thicker materials up to 3/16 of an inch as well as fabric. Circut announced there will be more introduced down the road with the newly built Cricut Maker.


The Cricut Maker


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