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What tools and accessories do I need for a Cricut?

What tools and accessories do I need to use a Cricut and how much do they cost?


To get started, everything you need is included in the box. The machine you purchase determines what comes in the box. You may find over time, there are more tools and accessories you would be interested in.


For the Cricut Explore Air 2:

  •     Cricut Explore Air 2 machine
  •     Cricut Design Space software and app
  •     German carbide premium blade
  •     USB cord and power cord
  •     Accessory adapter
  •     100+ free images
  •     50+ free projects
  •     Getting Started guide
  •     Pen and card-stock sample
  •     Cricut 12″ x 12″ StandardGrip cutting mat

What is not included that you might be interested in right away:

  •     Scoring tool $8.99
  •     Additional mats (not needed right away)  $12.99 - $17.99

For the Cricut Explore Air:

  •     Cricut Explore Air machine
  •     Storage bag
  •     USB and power cords
  •     German carbide premium blade
  •     1 Standard Grip cutting mats (12" x 12")
  •     Accessory adapter
  •     Metallic silver pen
  •     Getting started guide
  •     Iron-on, cardstock and vinyl samples

What is not included that you might be interested in right away:

  •     Scoring tool $8.99
  •     Additional mats (not needed right away)  $12.99 - $17.99


•There are other machines available. The above two are the most up to date.



There are many other tools available to purchase. Doing so individually isn’t the best bargain. If you think you will use more than one additional tool, I recommend purchasing a tool set.


For example, the tools I use the most are:

  • Scoring tool $8.99
  • Cricut Tools Scissors  $8.99
  • Cricut Tools Weeder  $7.99
  • Cricut Tools Scraper and Spatula $9.99


That is a total of $35.96. Of course, you can use your own scissor but I do like the size and cover of the Cricut scissor, besides it all matches!


If you are interested in purchasing a set of tools, you have two options. The Cricut Tools Basic Set, and the Cricut Essential Tool Set. The difference between the two in the Essential set contains a paper trimmer and the scraper seems to be a bit smaller.


The pricing of the two different sets:

Cricut Tools Basic Set   $24.99

  •     Tweezers
  •     Weeder
  •     Micro-tip scissors with protective blade cover
  •     Spatula
  •     Scraper

    * Basic set does not include the scoring tool


Cricut Essential Tool Set   $49.99

  •     Tweezers
  •     Weeder
  •     Scissors with protective blade cover
  •     Spatula
  •     Scraper
  •     Scoring stylus
  •     High-quality trimmer for materials up to 12" wide
  •     Replacement blade for the trimmer


If you were to add the Stylus Tool to the Basic Set, your total would be $33.98. So you can see the Basic Tool Set plus Stylus is less expensive than buying the tools individually. The Basic Set plus Stylus Tool includes all the tools I would purchase and a few more for less money.


Other accessories you might consider are:

  • Deep Cutting Blade $29.99
  • A variety of different color marking pens
        These come in different sized packs as well as individually.
  • Additional mats (individually priced)  $12.99 - $17.99
        Mats also come bundled in different variety pack

Finally, Cricut recently released a set of cases. There are three traveling cases for your machine and tools, and a pouch specifically for your tools. The cases range in price from $99.99 - $199.99. The accessories pouch comes in three different colors and is priced at  $12.99.

The prices provided in this article are the retail value set by Cricut and found on their website. You may find these items for less or on sale.

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