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We Tried CBD Oil, Here's How it Went

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I am sure you have heard something about CBD oil. I was a little hesitant even with all the good testimonies I have heard. I really was at a standstill with my daughter's anxiety. We had tried a doctor, who sent us to a therapist. We tried to push through, but every morning there were tears getting ready for school. I decided we'd try CBD oil. I only give her a few drops a day but it seems to be working. We had our first day without tears today. (Plantacea states it isn't for anyone under 18, that is why we only use a few drops)

I tried Help Oil from Amazon, it tasted terrible. Amazon doesn't sell CBD oil. I know there are a lot of MLM CBD oil companies, but I didn't want to commit to monthly orders. I also didn't want to pay a fortune. Thankfully I found Plantacea, they sell CBD oil for pets, horses, and people. Their CBD oil comes in three different flavors: lemon, natural, and peppermint. I ordered the lemon and it tastes really good.

CBD Oil Tincture – For People – Lemon Flavor (250mg)

CBD Oil Tincture – For People – Natural Flavor (250mg)

CBD Oil Tincture – For People – Peppermint Flavor (250mg)

I can't say it is a miracle yet, only time will tell. But I will take progress over frustration any day!

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