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Top Five Uses for Dryer Sheets ... Besides Laundry

Dryer sheets can function beyond the laundry room, here's the list of my top five favorite uses for them besides doing laundry.

Dryer sheets work great softening your laundry. They are also easy to use, just toss one in the dryer and forget it. We are finding that many objects have multiple uses. Dryer sheets are just another one of those things that have multiple uses. While there are many uses for dryer sheets, I have collected my all time five favorite in no particular order.

1. Cleaning out baked on stains.
Place a dryer sheet in your dirty pan that has baked on stains, fill the pan with water and allow it to sit over night. The anti-static agent apparently loosens the bond between the food and the baking pan. In the morning, use a sponge to clean up the pan.

2. Dissolves soap scum
Use a dryer sheet on your shower door to remove the soap scum. Use the dryer sheet as you would a sponge and cleaning product. It works wonders.

3. Repels mosquitoes
Use a dryer sheet to repel mosquitoes. You can place it in your pocket or tie the sheet onto your belt buckle. This is a great trick to use with the kids, especially if you are concerned with what you might be spraying them with when using bug repellant. This option will give you some piece of mind back! Dryer sheets also repel bees, ants and mice. You can use it in a trailer or camping gear before storing them for the winter to keep the mice at bay.

4. Eliminates static electricity
Dryer sheets eliminate static electricity from your laundry and so much more. Try a used sheet on your computer screen or TV screen. Try a fresh sheet on your hair to tame the frizzies. This also works on Venetian blinds to remove static and helps to prevent dust from resettling.

5. Works like a tack cloth
A used dryer sheet will act like a tack cloth to pick up sawdust from drilling or sandpapering projects. Use a new one to pick up unwanted pet hairs from furniture and carpeting. You could even try it on your clothing to eliminate lint or dandruff.

While it's original intention was to freshen laundry in the dryer, it will also freshen a lot of other places. Think about your closets, your drawers, winter storage items, old books, your car, your vacuum cleaner, gym bag or smelly shoes. Pretty much anything that sits for a while or has an odor can be freshened with a dryer sheet being placed in or near the space. But as mentioned above, dryer sheets are pretty versatile.

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