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The Claw Kitchen Tool Review

I was recently sent the Meat Claws to review. I have seen them online quite a bit. I wondered if they were better than just using forks to do the same job, shredding meat. So I was interested in giving them a try. I used them on chicken in the Crock-Pot. My results are shown in the picture below. 


The before image are full breast pieces fully cooked and the after image is the shredded meat after using the Meat Claws. From my experience, I can see where the Claws work well. I used mine right in the Crock-pot and my recipe had quite a bit of sauce. The size of the Claws did get my hands exposed to the hot sauce from time to time. The product documentation shows them being used while meat is on a cutting board. I imagine this would work better although I am happy with my use and the results I got. I can see where the Meat Claws would also be good at picking up a roast, ham or full chicken. Clean up for the Meat Claws was a breeze, I washed them in warm soapy water and they cleaned up easily. 

I found the Meat Claws to perform well. I feel they are worth a purchase if you shred meat on a regular basis. I am taking into consideration the fact that other tools can do the same job and the fact that you need to store them when not in use. They are small enough to not take up a ton of room in your kitchen. 

The Meat Claws are available on Amazon [the Meat Claws] or directly on the Cave Tools website [the Meat Claws]. If you purchase them on Amazon, you can use this discount   ::    Meat Claws 15% Off: MEOY47SI

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