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Sparkling Arnold Palmer with Giant Eagle Summer Grilling

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Giant Eagle is a great one stop shop for all your weekly grocery needs. This week I purchased products for a Summer Backyard BBQ. It was our first time firing up the grill this summer season, the grilling smells were fantastic. The items I purchased for our backyard BBQ were Izze Fusions in lemon flavor, Pure Leaf tea, Klondike Ice Cream bars, Pepperidge Farms Farmhouse  Cookies, and Certified Angus Beef Gourmet Burgers – Bacon Cheddar Patty flavor, Gourmet Burgers, and Giant Eagle Hash Browns. This would make for a fantastic Father's Day dinner as well.
from my shopping trip
I went shopping with purchasing Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie in mind. Unfortunately, they are not available in our area of the country. I can't wait to try them. From the image above, you can see we do have a good variety to choose from. I opted for a favorite with Milano.

Here is what I bought

Our menu plan was for burgers, hash browns, salad, Arnold Palmer's to drink, and Klondike bars for dessert. A really simple meal that tastes so good. I didn't have to heat up the kitchen so this would make for a great meal on a hot evening.

on the grill
Our dinner on the grill. Notice the Gourmet Cheddar and Bacon Burger in the front?


Sparkling Arnold Palmer
We enjoy Lemonade and Ice Tea year round. Mixing them together in an Arnold Palmer seems like more of a summer time treat. This summer we are making a Sparkling version using a Sparkling Lemonade from Izze Fusion. It really is so simple and you can customize yours with your desired amount of each lemonade and ice tea. The minute I mixed together this glass for the photo, my daughters asked if they could drink it! It was hard holding them off long enough to take the picture!

  • Ice Tea (Pure Leaf Tea - regular)
  • Lemonade (Izze Fusions lemon flavor) this adds the sparkle!

Mix together in your desired amounts, serve over ice. 

Using store bought products makes this even easier. 



 finished hash browns
finished Hash Browns, they could have gone longer on the grill

Grilled Hash Browns Recipe
Have you ever grilled hash browns? I like hash browns but I want that crispy crunch that restaurants seem to get so well. I figured out a way to do so on the grill. This is an often requested recipe when we are grilling out with friends. It is a great side for so many main dishes. I don't measure ingredients for the recipe so you will need to improvise to your own tastes.


  • Frozen Hash Browns from Giant Eagle
  • Butter
  • Non-stick spray
  • Spice mix

hash browns
prepped Hash Browns

I begin by microwaving the hash browns for about 5-10 minutes from frozen. If you are going to use the entire bag, you can just open the bag and microwave the hash browns right in the bag.  Layer two pieces of aluminum foil in a cross shape, spray with non-stick spray, place the microwaved hash browns on the foil. Top with slices of butter (a lot of butter) the butter makes the crunch and spice mix to taste. Fold up the foil. Use another layer of foil in the reverse so that the fold is covered with a smooth layer of foil. You don't want anything to escape. Place this packet on the grill first and leave it alone. Cook the rest of your meal. You can flip it once if you desire. The Hash Browns take a lot longer to cook than a hamburger. I start the grill and add the Hash Browns, then I prep the hamburgers in the kitchen and then add them to the grill. The Hash Browns take probably twice as long as the hamburgers to cook to crispy. 

finished Gourmet Burger - It's dinner time!

Klondike Bar for Dessert!

For more great recipes from Giant Eagle visit their Pinterest page.


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