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ShowerMade Shower Tote :: Review

Yes this ShowerMade Shower Tote  is super handy. I would have so used it in college having to trek back and forth to the showers in the dorm. ShowerMade Shower Tote  would also be very handy at camp once again trekking back and forth to the showers. I no longer have either of these needs so you might wonder why I would want this ShowerMade Shower Tote . I have a very different use for it, as a crafter, I store my vinyl rolls in it making to easy to keep them all together in one place as well as handy to carry. (see below) It would also work great for other craft items. When my daughter goes to summer camp, I will clean it out of vinyl and let her use it for it's actual intent - carrying bathroom products!

From the company:
ShowerMade Shower Tote - The Strongest Quick Dry Bag for all your Washroom Accessories - Perfect Hanging Caddy for College, Dorm or Gym - Portable so great for Camping and Traveling -Also ideal Bath Toy, Scoop Net and Storage Organizer.

We listened to what our customers wanted and have provided the most customer favored design shower tote from your suggestions:

  •   Heavy duty mesh - which is double stitched, plus covered seams to ensure no ripping or fraying.
  •   3 different pocket sizes - to suite all your large and small toiletries.
  •   Extra long handle 20" reinforced - to make carrying easier and to hang easily on any hook or faucet. Plus it's much more hygienic than leaving on the shower floor.
  •   Sturdy design - will not flop over even when empty and easily folds flat for travel.
  •   Quick drying mesh fabric - ensures air can circulate so no mold can grow on the bag or its contents.

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