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Sewing Kit Review

I will admit I am partial to all in one sewing kits. I like having everything I need for a quick fix or repair all in one convenient place. This Quick Stitch Sewing Kit does just that. While many of the items are average quality, a few things stand out.

The tape measure is what you would expect made from a coated paper or fabric. This might not seem that special but I have seen manufacturers cut corners with a paper tape measure that doesn't last. 

There are two needles threaders. These are so handy but they do break from time to time so having two instead of one is fantastic. 

The thimble is made out of metal. Most kits don't include a thimble and if they do, it is plastic.

The scissor is stainless steel and probably the best item in the kit. They are so strong and substantial even though they are small is size. The quality is similar to a pair from a high end manicure kit. 

The case is constructed well and will last.

Points where the Quick Stitch Sewing Kit could be improved would be to include some kind of a pin cushion. More pins, there are only two and a few more safety pins would be nice, there's only one. 

The Quick Stitch Sewing Kit Contains:
• 24 Stainless Steel Needles of Various Sizes Contained In A Protective Plastic Case
• 12 Spools of Assorted Popular Colors of Thread
• A Pair of Stainless Steel Scissors
• A Seam Ripper with Plastic Cover
• Two Needle Threaders
• Tape Measure
• Straight Pins
• Safety Pins
• Thimble
• Buttons

~ I received this item in order to provide an honest review. 

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