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Save with Groupon

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Groupon reaches a billion sold with an $11 for $20 promotion for pizza and Italian food at Pirrone’s Pizzeria in the St. Louis area.


I am all about a bargain and saving money. Entertaining kids during the summer months can be expensive. Heck, kids are expensive all year round. I combat the expense by using for discounts on all kind of entertainment, goods, travel and activities. It appears others do as well since Groupon has reached the "billion dollars sold" status along with McDonalds, Elvis, The Beatles, Apple and many other iconic businesses.

I have saved on Christmas presents, hotel reservations, concert tickets, movie tickets, museum entrance fees, and restaurants. We benefit from Groupon Goods savings all year round. 

Before we go out for fun, food, or travel; I check Groupon for a discount. Not only can I save in my own hometown, but in other locations as well while traveling. When we visit family in California, we always look at the Groupon opportunities available. Traveling is expensive. Eating out and entertainment adds up quickly. Groupon discounts help stretch our dollars further as well as inform us of opportunities we might not otherwise even know about. 

I enjoy getting Groupon emails for local discounts, Groupon Goods emails give me great ideas on products that I can buy with a discount, as well as their getaway emails. I think the getaway emails are my favorite. While I can’t always travel and getaway, I do enjoy reading about and seeing the variety of vacation opportunities. 

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