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Recipe for a Delicious Life Cookbook Review

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I was excited when I was offered a copy of Recipes for a Delicious Life. Chef Einav has created one of the most intriguing cookbooks I have ever read. She has blended recipes and music together. Combining her Cookbook with a CD of songs. Chef Zipora produced a classical music CD, Music for a Delicious Life, to accompany her book. It features techno-classical music arranged by movie and television score composer Neil Argo. Not only is there a CD of music but also interactive technology where you can download a smartphone app to go along with the recipes.

Chef Zipora has traveled the world for years sharing her talent for cooking, love of music, and passion for life. From the Ritz-Paris to the tables of some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, Zipora dishes out fabulous food and even better life advice. Her clients have included Mariah Carey, Pierce Brosnan, Bob and Dolores Hope, Aaron Spelling, Donovan McNabb, and many more.

Now, Chef Zipora has compiled her most famous dishes and stories from her incredible life into the book Recipe for a Delicious Life which is on shelves and ready for your review.  

General Information
Title: Recipe for a Delicious Life
Author: Chef Zipora Einav
Genre: Food / Cookbooks
ISBN: 978-0-9994156-1-09
Pages: 98
Price: $24.95
Publisher: HigherLife Development Services, Inc.

Available on Amazon.

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