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Lil Lockitz

Stylish - Fashionable - Creative

You know the popular jewelry trend that has a locket and little gems inside that you can customize? Now young girls can create their own version with Lil Lockitz. Necklaces, bracelets or keychains can be personalized. Create a theme or a story in your Lil Lockitz. 

  • Lil’ Lockitz lets you express yourself as never before to make something truly personal, for yourself or a friend.


  • Create a wearable collage that tells a story, with gems, backgrounds, and charms of your favorite things.


  • Make 10 reusable Lockitz. Wear them as a necklace, bracelet or use the keychain clasps to make clip-ons!

  • Includes Design Studio with storage compartments, lights and music, Display Stand, Locket Tops and Backs, Necklaces, Bracelets, Keychain Clasps, Custom Charms, Backgrounds, Tweezers, Photo Stencil and Instructions.

  • 3 AA Batteries required, batteries not included.

  • Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.


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