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Is Your Water Pure? Be Sure With Adya Clarity

adya clarity bottle

overview: Adya Clarity is ionic sulfite minerals. It comes in a dark glass eye dropper bottle. It is a water purification solution consisting of concentrated mineral salts and purified water. 

first impression: I'm interested to see if it works. I was a bit skeptical. While I am interested to see what is in our drinking water, I see the larger applications of use while traveling and camping. I imagine carrying Adya Clarity could be beneficial for your health. No longer is there a need to store water in case of an emergency, all you need is a bottle of Adya Clarity

functionality: Adya Clarity uses are in water for drinking, bathing, cooking, watering plants and washing fruits and vegetables. You can add a few drops into your drinking glass or pretreat a larger quantity of water all at once. 

final thoughts: I tried Adya Clarity, as expected, I didn’t see any change to my drinking water. I didn’t taste or feel any difference either. I am interested in see if there are any health benefits, and I will continue to use Adya Clarity in my drinking water to see if I have any physical changes. While I can’t give definitive test results for the purification of water, I still see the benefits in using Adya Clarity. My recommendation would be to “try it” yourself and see if you “like it.”         

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