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Hallmark Cards at the Dollar Tree

OK, it might not be your birthday but Dollar Tree is celebrating one year of selling Hallmark Cards, so it is a celebration. Hallmark offers two different brands of cards at Dollar Tree. The Expressions from Hallmark line sells for one dollar a card and the Heartline cards sell two cards for a dollar.

Each card comes with a matching envelope that contains the Hallmark embossed logo. Many cards come with special detail like foil or glitter. Recipients will never know you didn't buy your card at a Hallmark store!

Cards are a big seller at the Dollar Tree, you can find cards for all different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and many other celebrations.

To celebrate Hallmark and Dollar Tree are offering a chance to win. Enter 8/22/19 through 9/7/19 for your chance to win* one of 20 prizes – The prize includes a gift box containing seventy (70) Heartline a Hallmark Company, Expressions from Hallmark, and Joyfully Yours a Dayspring Company greeting cards, thirty (30) note cards, and one (1) $100 Dollar Tree gift card. [enter here]


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