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Groupon Has Coupons!


I really enjoy using Groupon. I absolutely love to save money. I often search Groupon for discounts before going out to eat or taking the kids to do something fun. If your Groupon expires, you can still use the amount you paid for the Groupon at the establishment you bought the Groupon for, so it is never a loss. One of my favorite Groupon’s is for a local movie theater. The great thing about Groupon is that you can also search for a discount for places while you are on vacation. Stretching those vacation dollars even further is a real blessing.


I wasn't aware that Groupon has coupons. You can search for a discount at major retailers as well as establishments that are local to you. Today I found coupons for Walmart, Target, Ebay,  Nordstrom, Macys, Kohls and many others. 


You can even use coupons on your mobile devices. I did a search for Starbucks. There were 23 coupons available just for Starbucks, and then an amazing thing happened. A box popped up and asked me to register my email address so I never miss another coupon again. Groupon will email you their best coupons on a weekly basis.


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