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Get Semi-permanent Lip Color with Lip Sense

My mom used to always say, "you need a little color on your lips." I never fully understood her perspective until I got older. Because young lips are more colorful, I didn't feel the need for much color. Now I see how a little color on your lips can make a world of difference to your appearance. 

But, I have one huge issue with lipsticks, they all tend to turn red on my lips. It really doesn't matter what color I put on, I almost always end up with bright red lips which is just too bright for most day wear. I live in the midwest and most moms don't wear full face makeup on a daily basis. 

I used to be so into make-up as a teenager but these days, I typically don't have the time or desire to put into that kind of make-up application. I am lucky if I get my lips done and a bit of eyeliner on most days. 

I have heard rumblings about Lip Sense before. But honestly, I didn't know much. I mostly heard that it stings going on, which it does because it is the alcohol drying quickly. It really doesn't hurt, you just notice it. When Red Gate Beauty offered to send me a color of my choice and a gloss to try, I jumped at the chance. 


lip sense
Fire-n-Ice and Opal Gloss

I chose from the cool color palette, Fire-n-ice. And because I was a bit worried it might be too dark, I chose the Opal Gloss thinking it would add a lighter layer on top. I was right about the gloss and I love the Fire-n-ice color. First and most important to me, the color doesn't shift to bright red. Second, there is a slight scent to the lip colors and I really enjoy it. And finally, I love the feel of it. 


honest me picture with no make-up

me with eyeliner and lip sense

So how does it hold up? All day for me. After eating lunch and dinner I still had remnants of color on my lips when I went to bed. Lip Sense is waterproof, kiss-proof, and smear-proof. Like I said, I really don't have time for a lot of make-up application and using Lip Sense makes it so easy to apply once for the entire day. I don't have to think about it again.

Mom was right, I need a little color on my lips! If you'd like to try Lip Sense, Red Gate Beauty is offering 15% off your order using the coupon code Red Gate Beauty is offering 15% off your order using the coupon code bloggymoms15.

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