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Cool Coffee Experiences That Everyone Needs to Try

Coffee is one of life’s little luxuries. That tempting aroma when it’s freshly brewed, the caffeine boost it gives and the fact that it makes any afternoon cake indulgence somehow taste even better. Even right now when the world is battling through the current health pandemic and many ingredients are hard to get hold of, it’s still relatively easy to order coffee to your home or purchase it from the supermarket when you’re doing your grocery shop. Did you also know that you can freeze milk if you need it for your milkier drinks, or there’s the option of powdered milk and creamers for longer-lasting options? If you fancy doing something different and trying something new, here are some cool coffee experiences to consider. 


Civet Coffee

It might sound strange, but civet coffee consists of partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. The process of going through their intestines helps to ferment the beans and give it a truly unique flavor. If you’re going to try Civet coffee, just be sure to choose a cruelty-free brand, one that utilized wild civet cats rather than keeping them caged up. If you can get past the strangeness of this one it’s well worth a try- think about how honey is made essentially of bee vomit but none of us question that! It’s unusual, completely safe and an incredible coffee experience to try.


Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is made of brewed coffee, grass-fed unsalted butter, and good quality coconut oil. People often look into it for weight loss benefits, although unless you’re following a low carb, high-fat plan it will cause you to gain rather than lose weight for obvious reasons. However, if you’re following keto (or just want an interesting and unusual drink that you plan to have in moderation) then give this a go. It’s creamy and delicious, a bit like a latte but minus the sugar. 


Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Eggs are full of protein and vitamins, so adding one to your daily pre-workout coffee can be a tasty way to fuel up. Consuming raw egg might sound like a food poisoning disaster waiting to happen but this isn’t the case if you use the right eggs. Anything with the Lion stamp on is safe to consume raw (such as in mayonnaise or eating uncooked cake batter!) lightly cooked (such as runny yolks) or any way you like. This is because eggs come from vaccinated hens meaning the risk of any diseases that can make you ill is almost completely eliminated. 


Salt Coffee

Coffee has a fairly bitter taste, which is why many people reach for the sugar jar or sweet syrups to enjoy their brew. So it would seem as though salt would be the last thing you’d want to add- but you’d be wrong! It actually neutralizes the bitterness by blocking the taste buds responsible for it, but don't add more than just a pinch. If you do it could become undrinkable. 


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