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Coloring Tips

Adult coloring has really taken off. While many color for peace and calming, there are those who would like a few tips to benefit even more from their hobby. My very first suggestion is not to put pressure on yourself. That would defeat the purpose. So let's begin with the two basic minimal materials. 

The pencils
I may not be popular with this opinion, but the brand or shape of the pencil doesn't really matter that much. They all work together the same way. We tend to put ours in containers and go from there. I don't pay attention to the brand of the pencil when I color. With a small caveat, I have found triangular shaped pencils feel good in my hand when I color. I bought a special set of pencil for myself, they didn't last long before my daughters got a hold of them. I am listing a few different pencil sets that I have bought over the past few years. With three drawing/coloring artists in the family, we go through these quickly. 

Colore' I was drawn to the packaging and the grouping by color []

Artistique, I bought two of these as gifts for my daughters []

iArtker were bought because of the triangular shape to the pencils and the sharpener in the cap. []

Ariana's come in a great case, with eraser and sharpener in their own pocket. Case rolls up and the pencils are triangular in shape. This is one of my favorites. []

The coloring pages
When it comes to coloring sheets or books, I am not a snob. I don't buy expensive books. I tend to draw my own or grab something fun from the internet. The Color and Create books from DCWV [ ] are my exception because of the manageable size to take with you. The pages can be used for a variety of different craft applications so when you are done coloring, you have really just begun. 

How to put the two together

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