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Buying a Used Phone

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My tween daughter is clamoring for a phone. For my other daughter's first phone, we found a used one and had it added to our account. It is time to find the second daughter a phone. The great thing about Gazelle is that you can search for a used device. In our case, seeking a phone we can choose our carrier, model of phone, the color of the phone, and the size of storage. Then we can decide on the cosmetic condition of the phone as well.

I really like Apple devices and we are looking at an iPhone. This is a 5s.

Another option would be to upgrade her older sister's phone and hand down her phone to her younger sister. Which is probably the route we will take. Our oldest daughter complains about not having enough storage on her iPhone. I would love to be able to upgrade her and once again, searching for a used phone really suits our budget better. 

This is an iPhone 6

I can't justify upgrading her more than an iPhone 6 because that is the version I have. If I were to consider any newer of a phone, I would want to upgrade mine and then do a double hand me down!

Right now Gazelle is offering some pretty exciting deals. You can check them out below. And remember, if you have devices to sell, Gazelle will offer you money.
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$50 Off iPad Pros (8/21 - 8/27)


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