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Blood Pressure Cuff

I have high blood pressure, it is hereditary. I need to monitor my blood pressure outside of the doctor's office. Over the years, I have kept charts and graphs to bring to my doctor's appointments. I was sent an Ozeri Blood Pressure Cuff to review. I love it.

Upon opening, it comes with a carrying case, instruction manual, a set of AAA batteries - and not a generic brand, and of course, the cuff. 

I inserted the batteries but unfortunately, they were drained so I had to use my own batteries. The cool thing about this was that when I placed the batteries, the cuff talked to me and told me the battery levels were low. It shocked me because I hadn't paid attention to the fact that the cuff talks. 

After getting new batteries, I had to read the manual to set up the cuff. I set the user, the date and the time. The cuff tracks it all. I then placed the cuff on my wrist and began to take a reading. Once again the cuff talked to me telling me to lower my wrist to make it level with my heart. Finally, the cuff let me know I was in a good position and it began to take my blood pressure. 

I can't begin to explain how technically savvy this cuff is. I would have never known to buy this device over others. So, I hope this review helps make your decision should you need a blood pressure cuff. I have had a few different products from the Ozeri brand and they have all been of high quality and one's I would highly recommend to other users. 

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