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Kimble Silk Covered Rollers :: Review

I am of the age I remember pink foam rollers after a Saturday evening bath and sleeping in them to have curly hair for church on Sunday. Kimble’s silk covered rollers remind me of these days. 

So I washed and rolled my daughters hair. Kimble’s rollers are silk covered and feel great to use as well as being gentile to your hair. The construction and clasp remind me of the old pink foam curlers. She slept in her rollers and un fortunately the bottom half of her hair fell out but the top row stayed put. Her hair was more bouncy than curly. Next time I would cover her head with a cap to keep everything in place. 

It is Kimble’s belief that style and healthy hair maintenance should coexist. Achieving a look of style should not be at the sacrifice of hair’s own beauty and health. Kimble Beauty™ is a line created true to the concept of beautiful style and healthy hair. With its performance-tested formulas and quality ingredients, hair has the freedom to be styled without hesitation. While the diverse and versatile products can help achieve any desired look, the also treat and nourish the hair. Simply put, Kimble Beauty™ delivers great-looking uncompromised hair.

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Try it - Like it Disclosure: I received complimentary products or payment in order to share this information along with my honest opinion. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

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