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Bathroom Design Inspiration

When did bathrooms become luxurious? Taking a huge step away from utilitarian and transforming into spa like retreats within our own homes? I don’t know the answer to that question but I know I want one in my house. Our bathrooms are functional at best and probably very similar to when our tri-level house was built in the 60s. I know we could do with an update, or should I say gut and start over! Well, one can dream. 

If your bath isn't up to par, consider bathroom faucets or bathroom fixtures from Danze. Anything but bland is what they say about their products. Danze wants faucets to do more than just washing your hands and vegetables. Bathroom and kitchen faucets are designed to delight your senses and make your day just that much brighter! Who wouldn't want a bathroom or kitchen like that? I know I would. Take me away now!

Before going any further with your design plans (or daydreams), visit the Danze website and get inspired. They have a video library where you can see the latest products in use along with homeowner testimonials and more. There is a designer locator section if you need a little professional help. 

Stay up to date with the latest trends. Find homeowner tips and new ideas for your home projects. If you are looking for tips, Danze has them from cleaning to decorating. Who couldn’t use a little advice every now and then?

Danze was introduced to the US in 2001. Their designs are playful and progressive. Danze has won a number of industry rewards. And best of all: All parts of the Danze faucet are warranted to the original consumer purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship, for as long as the consumer purchaser owns it. 


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