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Boardwalk Food Company Beer Bread Mix Review + Giveaway

Here is the process of us trying Boardwalk Beer bread. The first great thing is the ease of making it. Just add 12 oz. of beer. We didn't have any so we substituted soda which the company suggest is just as good.

the package makes one loaf of bread


hard to see, but the mix does bubble up while mixing

poured and ready to bake, the consistency is a bit like oatmeal

finished baking

ready to serve after adding melted butter and sugar to the top

The flavor of lemon does come through. The bread is a bit more dense then I expected. When I think about lemon poppy seed, I think more of a dessert bread and this was not the case. I would consider it more like a muffin consistency and taste, which confused me a bit. The bread was super easy to make. The box made a full size loaf of bread. I don't know if using beer would have been different but since the company says you can substitute soda for the beer I guess it wouldn't be much different. My final take would be that I would like to try a different flavor from Boardwalk because of the ease, size and consistency of the bread. 

From the Company:

Just add beer, mix and bake to make delicious Boardwalk Food Company beer bread. Entertaining not only got easier, but tastier and more fun! 

Made in America, Boardwalk mixes are available in four flavors. Any 12oz beverage will work offering a multiple variety of scrumptious options. Part of the fun is deciding what lager, ale, pilsener or stout to use. With craft brews popularity, and microbreweries popping up in more and more places, the list of choices are endless. 

Serve as a loaf of bread using a loaf pan, or use a mini muffin pan to create poppers, bite size balls of fun!

The company is inspired by vacations with family and friends on the Boardwalk of Atlantic City, which were frequent throughout Founder and President Andy Yochum’s life. 

I came to realize that the Boardwalk was more than just a place; it was a state of mind,” says Yochum. “Our products make it possible to enjoy the carefree, simple, social aspects of vacation in your everyday life. They’re easy to make, and special enough to share with family and friends.” 

Currently available in these four flavors: Original, Lemon Poppy Seed, Rosemary Sea Salt and Cornbread

Boardwalk Food Company beer bread mixes retail for $7.99 each.

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