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Blockit Review

Have you wondered about your credit card safety? Have you had your credit card number stollen or compromised. Technology has made it so simple for a thief to access your information if they desire. No longer to they even need to have contact with your credit card, they can just walk past you and gain access. Amazing isn't it? If this concerns you, you can now protect yourself and your finances with Blockit

Blockit is a sleeve that you carry your credit card in. The sleeve is thin and decorative. Blockit protects your card from being digitally scanned with a hand held device while a thief walks by your purse or wallet. 

Does it work? I don't really know how to check this out. But if you want to feel more secure, why not give it a try. If you travel a lot or are in high profile public places, I would definitely suggest protecting your cards. 

There are Six Blockit Designs and Colors to choose from: Haymarket Check, Purple Argyle, Moroccan Green, Fleur De Lis, Black Wallpaper,and Houndstooth. (I have the houndstooth)

Product Description

  • Genuine BLOCKIT Anti-Theft RFID Signal Blocking Protection Sleeves
  • High Quality Product, Expensive Copper/Aluminum Material
  • FIPS 201 Approved by the US Government as Electromagnetically Opaque Shield

I received product in exchange for an honest review. 

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