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Tissue Paper Flower

Do you remember making tissue paper flowers? I think everyone has done it at some time in their life. I even remember making them from actual tissues. I purchased a tissue paper package from Amazon at a discount and decided the first thing I would use the tissue paper for would be to make a tissue paper flower. I loved the fact that the paper came is a variation of colors. I used four different values of blue to make a light colored center.


  • tissue paper (cut to 10 x 15)
  • scissors
  • string
  • paper template


I began by layering my tissue paper from dark to light back to dark. I used two sheets of each color for each step of color.

Once you have your layers organized how you want them, fold them in an accordion fashion. My folds were about 1" in width.

Now you want to find the middle of the tissue paper and secure it. I used string and tied it tightly. I have

wire or a pipe cleaner also being used, and it works well.

This next step isn't necessary but I decided I wanted rounded petal-like shapes. I used a paper template to cut the curved ends.

I cut both ends the same.

Now it is time to open up the layers. You need to be very careful not to tear the tissue paper. I found if I needed to make a large movement, it worked best to use a few layers of tissue paper together and then individually adjust them.


This tissue paper pack was purchased from Amazon at a discounted price. Opinions are my own.

  • Tissue Paper-Craft Paper-Paper Tissue-Paper Crafts-Colored Paper-Colored Tissue Paper.
  • Craft Sheet Gift Tissue Paper Sheets Tissue Paper Squares Gift Tissue Paper Sheet Gift Tissue Paper Sheets Tissue Paper Squares Gift Tissue Paper.
  • Well organized nicely packed to avoid getting damaged great heavyweight larger than the usual sheets.
  • Size 19 2/3 by 29 1/2 Thicker Heavier 21GSM won't tear easier 25 vibrant colors 100 sheets.
  • The colors are extremely vivid bright rich beautiful with a wonderful saturation in the color.

Lots of strong vivid colors. This is a large package of tissue paper. At first, I thought it was rather expensive until I saw how much was included. There are variations of colors families resulting in 25 different colors. The blue I used to make a tissue paper flower had four different values of blue. Great for crafting. The color may bleed due to the coloring process. 



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