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Santa Pillow - FFW Pillow Party

When it comes to the Christmas season, I am partial to Santa. Out of all the different icons of the season, it is Santa for me. There is just something about that jolly man. I love the imagery of Santa Claus, the mystery and magic. So when it came to making a pillow for the holiday season, I knew I was going to make a Santa themed pillow. I had some bumps along the way but the pillow is so soft and comfy. My daughter has already claimed it!

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Cut the red fabric to 23.5" x 49"

Cut the white fabric to 5" x 23.5"

Pin the red and white fabric together along the 23.5" edge and sew together. 

Pin the other two  23.5" sides together and sew.
I marked the white fabric with a line to sew along making sure it was parallel to the other sewn line.


Because the piece is a tube, and I wanted the white stripe in the middle, I had to find the center point of the white strip.
Then I made sure that each side from that point measured the same before sewing the pillow together.


Pin together and sew the edge together. 


Turn the fabric inside out and place the pillow form inside. 
Pin the buttons into place and then sew them by hand. 


Pin the bottom edge of the pillow closed.

Sew the edge together by hand. 

Wrap the ribbon about the pillow and trim to size for Santa's belt. Pin the ribbon into place and tack it down in place along the white fabric, sew by hand. 
Turn the pillow over and sew the ribbon together, tucking under the exposed end and sew together by hand. 



This tutorial is a part of the 2019 Pillow Party Sponsored by Fairfield World. Our hostesses are Alexandra Stapleton-Smith from The Hedgehog Hollow and Laura Kelly from Laura Kelly Designs.

Enter to Win
$100 Michael's Gift Card and 10 pounds of Polyfil. 

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You can read more about the Pillow party at the following link.

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