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iPhone Photography Tips

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I have my first iPhone. I say first because I really like my iPhone. I used to think other brands were just as good but I was wrong. I use my iPhone so much more than my past phones. I rely on my iPhone for photography much more than past phones. I rarely bring out my professional DSLR camera anymore. I also use my phone for video. I want to share with you a few tips about how I use my iPhone camera. 

1.   Google Photo Storage

    It is free. I have linked it to my computer and phone. Google Photo automatically backs up all my images. This way I can access my images from any device I choose. No more lost photos and no more filling up my phone with past images. I can organize my images into different albums. Google Photo can create collaged images and animations from your images. You can also share images with others.

bird feederiphone


 2.   iPhone focus
    You can click on the screen and tell you phone to focus on different areas in the frame. In the photo examples, I have clicked on the bird feeder in one, and on the sky in the other. The area in the yellow box is what the camera will focus on. You can see how the image changes. (the darker image on the right is actually creating a reflection, the area at the bottom of the photo is all dark) 




sky focus


3.   iPhone exposure
    Once you have chosen the area to focus on, you will see 
sunburst next to the yellow box. You can slide this up and down to adjust the exposure. 


4. Lock settings

    Once you have used #2 and #3 from above, you will see a yellow bar at the top of the screen. If you click this bar, it will lock your settings. [AE/AE Lock]



5. Volume buttons

    You can use your volume buttons on the side of your phone to snap a photo. The volume buttons on your Apple earbuds also work the same way.


6.   Multiple images

    If you hold down the shot button, your iPhone will take multiple images. This is great for action shots. 



7. In phone editing programs - Fotor

    I recently downloaded Fotor to my phone. It offers a variety of ways to edit your image through traditional means as well as artistic filters. There are templates for collage too. Fotor includes photo editing, photo collage, graphic design, HDR, and beauty retouching. Fotor also offers a variety of tutorials and guides so you can expand your knowledge. You can submit your images to contests where you can win monetary prizes. 



Fotor also offers a graphic design program. Log in online and you can make images for different social media sizes. There are templates for you to work from and popular social media sizes (image above). Fotor is a very robust program. While there is a free version, there is also a more advanced option for a fee. 



This post is a part of the Creative Craft Blog Group monthly craft challenge. For the month of May, we were challenged to create a post related to photography. Four members participated this month, each in a uniquely different way. Take a moment to visit the participants at the links below:



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