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DIY Valentine's Jewelry Set

This tutorial is a part of the Creative Craft Bloggers Group craft challenge. February's challenge was to create using hearts.

I love Valentine's Day. I am a romantic at heart and the day speaks of jewelry to me. The hearts in this jewelry set are made from Fimo clay. They are really easy to make and I will share the process with you in this tutorial. 

I used the Fimo Effects Mother of Pearl clay. You will need to condition the clay first. This means rolling it out by hand or through a pasta maker so that the clay can be manipulated and not break after baking.

Now, roll the clay out to your desired thickness. Mine was probably 1/4" thick.

Next, I added the pattern. I used a Lisa Pavelka rubber stamp with one firm pass of the roller. 

Cut our your desired shape. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter. Cookie cutters tend to be less expensive than some of the cutting shapes made for polymer clay. Just make sure to dedicate it to crafting and don't use it again for baking.

To add color and define the pattern, I used Pearl Ex powders. I used two different powders to add a sense of depth. I also applied the powder along the outer edge and the back for a more professional look. 

Bake the pieces according to the package directions. In this case, I baked them at 230 degrees for 30 minutes. Hint: when I am finished creating, I place my pieces on a tile. When the tile is full, I take it to the kitchen and bake right on the tile.

I wanted a gloss finish to the pieces so I applied Poly-Glaze Gloss Finish. There are other finishes that work just as well, you can even use Finish floor polish. 

Here is the finalized piece with hardware added. All I need to do now is hang it from a necklace cord. 

I also made a pair of earrings to go with this piece using the same technique. It really was a simple process with professional looking results making this great for gifting on Valentine's Day. 

Please visit the other crafters who participated in the February heart challenge. 

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