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"Eyes" See You! :: DIY Halloween Light and Giveaway

I am participation in the Popcorn Box Blog Hop. I was sent a popcorn box from the World Market to make a Halloween decoration or recipe. Turning the popcorn box upside down was all it took for me to be inspired. I saw a lamp shade and proceeded with that idea.

The materials I used:

  • packing tape
  • white glue
  • google eyes
  • popcorn box
  • black sparkle paper
  • black feather boa
  • scissors
  • x-acto knife
  • hot glue gun


I began by disassembling the box so I could cut the black paper to the same size. A 12x12 piece of scrapbooking paper is enough but you will have to piece together a small corner to make it all work. I cut the paper with scissors and used my x-acto knife to score where the folds would go. Basically you use the knife just like if you were to cut through the paper but don't press down that hard, just a light touch to mark the surface. Using the white glue, glue the two pieces together. (I used Scotch Quick Dry Glue. I love this stuff because it works so quickly and I hate to wait.) Before the glue completely dries, fold the box a few times making sure it will fold before the glue dries completely. 

Decide where you would like the eyes placed. Once you have the layout you desire, trace around them. I found a ball point pen worked best. As you can see you don't have to be neat doing so, this is the inside. 

Using your x-acto knife, cut out the circles you just drew where the eyes will be placed. This is the most difficult step for this craft. Once this is done, cover the inside panels with packing tape so the sticky side is exposed through the holes to the black paper side. This is how the google eyes are held in place. 

Fold the box and use more packing tape to hold the box together. Place the eyes into the openings pushing as needed from the outside and inside so that the tape holds the eyes in place. 

The above image shows the inside of the box with the eyes in place and the top ribbon taped in place. 

Hopefully the above image shows you how the ribbon appears on the outside of the box. It is a loop with the knot on the inside. The loop is used to hang the lantern. 

This is where things go awry. I purchased a battery operated light to go into the lantern. It didn't work. So, I had a string of battery operated lights that I wrapped up and then used some ribbon to help hang this bundle on the inside of the lantern. I had intended to velcro the other light in the top inside of the box, leaving it removable to replace the batteries as needed. 

This is how the inside looks with my rigged lights. 

I tied the ribbon attached to the lights (purple) to the hanging loop ribbon. I tried to hide the purple ribbon under the box flaps. 

Using a hot glue gun, I attached the black boa to the bottom edge of the popcorn box. During this step I also used the hot glue to fix anything that needed help - along the edge of the box as well as the top flaps where the ribbon loop is located. I used a black sharpie to go over any white paper edges that were showing up. I had a small piece of boa that I placed around the ribbon loop at the top to hide any rough edges.

This is what the lantern looks like with the room lights on. 

And with the lights in the room off and the light inside the lantern turned on. All that work done cutting and glueing now shows the results. The eyes light up! Happy Halloween!

Want to see what others have created?

Not only did we get to create, but we also get to offer you a giveaway. If you are interested, follow the rafflecopter giveaway link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Finally, I'd like to thank those companies that helped to sponsor this event:

  • World Market (Popcorn Boxes) - and one of the Rafflecopter Prizes
  • Sizzix (DIe-Cuts using Laura Kelly dies) - and one of the Rafflecopter Prizes
  • Kunin Group (Felt)
  • Scotch/3M (Washi Tape)
  • Adorn-It (Decorative Papers)
  • Expressionery.Com - one of the Rafflecopter Prizes
  • Udderly Smooth (Hand Cream)


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